Rules of the Platinum Linux Non Profit project.

1. By using the servers of Platinum Linux Non Profit you do agree to accept these rules.
2. User agrees to log any of his/her actions on the server. All logs are collected in in a professional way and with respect to users privacy. A user has a right to know what is being logged and why.
3. No user data was, is or ever will be used in commercial purposes.
4. Administrator tries to provide the best possible service, however user accept the service as is, which means the administrator is not responsible for any damages caused by these services being unavailable, including lost profits.
5. Administrator is not responsible for content stored by the users on their accounts. Responsibility lis on a user who is the owner of the account.
6. Do not abuse of any service provided by these servers.
7. Administrator defines the word “abuse”.
8. Administrator has the right to change these rules without further notice sent directly to the users. Current rules are published on this site, these rules applies to the users starting from the date of publication.
9. Using these servers to dog other users on the Internet, including content that is immoral, slander and/or otherwise offensive for any persons or values and other content which is against the law is FORBIDDEN.
10. One client per IRC network. No bots, BNC or software disturbing the IRC servers or Platinuum servers. IRC client has to have correct CTCP response.
11. All remarks, error reports and other issues concerning the servers Administrator accepts only via email of forum (you have to register to see it), all other forms of communicating them will be ignored.
12. Administrator is not a teacher nor a nanny. The purpose of Platinum Linux Non Profit is to promote UNIX-like systems, especially for the education. To use these systems you need to know the basics of Linux. You can set your native language for the system interface (including man pages) so using it shouldn’t be problematic If this becomes insufficient a user can get help on #Linux-Slackware channel on IRCNet network.
13. Any activity which is a threat to the system security, especially done to achieve permissions other than set by the administrator (for experts: exploits etc.) is forbidden. If a user thinks that exploitation is possible then s/he should inform the Administrator via email. Having weak passwords eg. Login.DOB is a security threat.
14. Using the account for commercial purposes isn’t forbidden however the Administrator ha to be informed about this fact and about the details of this activity. It has to be legal with respect to Polish law also the administrator expects that some of the profit will be donated to the Platinum Linux Non Profit project. Administrator reserves the right to disallow commercial usage of the account without providing an explanation.
15. User agrees to receive electronic mail from the administrator (to the email address on the server or the one given during registration).
16. Letting the account to the other persons is absolutely forbidden.
17. Unused accounts will be blocked and then removed.
18. Disobeying these rules results with a userdel -r.