Welcome at Platinum Linux Non Profit servers website.

Platinum servers were established in 1997 with a thought to popularize unix-like systems, especially Linux.

This project is maintained as a hobby of its administrator, using her private resources and is a NON PROFIT, which means that the administrator does not take any material gains from the operation of the servers, therefore Platinum Linux Non Profit project does not offer any commercial (paid) shell accounts and the administrator is not interested in any shell accounts trade deals.

An account on the servers may be obtained by any person who will prove the need of it and will be using it. The easiest way is to write an application for an account to the administrator. No personal users data stored by administrator is to be used in any commercial purposes.

You may talk with the administrator and the users on the IRC channel #linux-slackware, at our forum (you have to register an account to see the content) or on Facebook.

Account configuration issues, new software propositions and other suggestions, as well as more important discussions also direct to our forum (we don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg that much as we trust ourselves).

In case of any comments about the site, server issues, especially abuse reports, contact the administrator via email.

DISCLAIMER: This translation is in progress, it may be incomplete or even plain silly. Any corrections are welcome, especially if you possess Queen’s English skills, (direct them to FB or email).

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